Pedestrian Accidents

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  • As our kids head back to school in the next couple of weeks, often parents questions what the right age is to let their kids walk to school?  It’s a trick question as there is no right answer.


    Pedestrian accidents in the city are on the news almost daily across the GTA.  A new client of mine was crossing the street within a pedestrian crosswalk on a gorgeous day a few weeks a go when she was struck by a car that was making a left turn and didn’t see her.  My client resides in Ottawa and was in Toronto to drop her son to camp and found herself stuck at a hospital in Toronto where she was forced to undergo surgery.


    Although I’ve assisted my client in navigating the legal system, I cannot take away the pain, frustration, inconvenience and so many other aspects of what she has endured and what she will endure.


    In this case, there is little if anything my client could have done to avoid this accident but it serves as a reminder to chat with our kids about a few tips if they walking:

    • Always keep your eyes on the area around you;
    • Avoid AirPods or headphones but if must, keep the volume at a level where you can still hear the traffic, sirens and everything else in your surroundings;
    • Walk on the side facing traffic wherever possible;
    • Walk on sidewalks wherever possible;
    • Walk on the part of the sidewalk furthest away from vehicles;
    • Avoid walking when its dark out but if that’s not possible, be sure to wear reflective clothing;
    • If you own a phone, make sure it’s charged;
    • Know the route you intend on taking;
    • For my youngest, I prefer her walking with someone;
    • Look both ways (and every way) before crossing;
    • Make eye contact with stopped drivers, especially when they are turning to ensure that they have seen you;
    • Avoid jay walking;
    • Use pedestrian crosswalks; and
    • Avoid crossing when the do not cross sign is on or a red light is facing you.

    A vehicle is a massive machine and even a slight “tap” to a person can cause significant injury and impairment.  Be careful!