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Children that are victims of bullying or cyberbullying often feel helpless about this abuse. The parents and guardians of bullied children may also feel frustrated if they cannot protect their child, especially if they have tried to resolve the issues through their child’s school or institution, and have not seen appropriate action taken.

Some people may think that bullying is benign, and something that children naturally experience. But in reality, bullying is a serious problem that impacts a lot of Ontario’s children. Bullied children can be physically injured by their aggressors. It can lead to emotional problems such as depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress, as well as academic and social difficulties. In the most serious and tragic cases, some young people have taken their lives after relentless bullying and cyberbullying.

Is bullying illegal?

While there aren’t any laws that directly prohibit bullying, there are legal options for parents whose children have been the victims of bullying.

If bullying or cyberbullying is happening at school then Ontario’s Education Act prohibits repeated, aggressive behaviour that causes harm, fear or distress to another student. It can include physical, verbal or social behaviour, and includes electronic communications. School boards are required to have bullying prevention plans in place and develop policies for interventions and support.

While most bullying happens at school, it can often occur at other regular activities such as after school programs and daycare. Even though these organizations are not governed by the Education Act, they are required to provide a safe environment for your child. There may be legal consequences if your child has been harmed.

What if my child is being bullied online?

Increasingly, bullying is happening online. Cyberbullying is any form of harassment through digital communication, and can include:

  • Threating emails or text messages
  • Exclusion on social media and instant messaging
  • Obtaining and sharing personal information without consent
  • Posting illicit photographs without consent (“revenge-porn”)
  • Impersonating or hacking someone’s social media accounts to post misleading messages
  • Cyberstalking
  • Harassment on online communities and message boards

The Education Act prohibits this form of behaviour and treats it the same way as physical or verbal bullying.

Legal Representation for the Victims of Bullying and Cyberbullying

Jasmine Daya & Co. has decades of cumulative litigation experience, and have successfully handled children’s claims against educational institutions and school boards. Our dedicated personal injury lawyers specialize in injuries to children, and can assist if your child has been injured or suffered emotional distress due to bullying.

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