Choosing the right law firm: Q&A with Toronto’s top lawyers


Why do you choose to practice in personal injury law?

When I graduated from Queen’s Law, I knew I wanted to be a civil litigator advocating for clients in the courtroom but beyond that I was just hoping to secure a solid articling position with a reputable law firm which at the time was highly competitive. I ended up articling at a personal injury law firm in 2005. Back then, there were no smartphones and the internet was relatively new with most firms having very basic websites, if any. I didn’t fully comprehend what personal injury lawyers did but when I realized, I was a little shell shocked. Our clients come to us with brain injuries, amputations, fractures and more. Some clients require extended stays at the hospital or rehabilitation facility. We assist real people in their greatest time of need. We are their voice and help them put food on the table as they have no other avenue to pursue due to injuries sustained from an incident in which they were involved at no fault of their own. I am proud to have served clients as a personal injury lawyer my entire career.