ATV Accidents on the Rise


“This accident is truly tragic.  A family is devastated due to the deaths of a mother and daughter from an ATV accident.  How will the surviving family members move passed this?  It’s unlikely they ever will.” I explained to Laura at my office after being retained by a client a couple of weeks ago.


Laura who is from a small town in England asked, “What’s an ATV?”  I smiled as I looked at her remembering that unlike me, she didn’t grow up in Canada where we have an abundance of land and enjoy certain recreational activities that may not exist or be as popular in other places, like in her village.


I loved adventure sports as a kid but as an adult, I don’t love watching my kids do the same activities because I am no longer oblivious to the dangers that exist.  “Wear your helmet, slow down, watch out for your younger sisters” are the annoying but necessary comments that my kids must endure but regardless of how safe you try to be, “accidents” can and will happen.


In Ontario, if you are involved in an ATV accident, you are entitled to receive Accident Benefits from your auto insurer to cover your treatment expenses, lost income and other entitlements.  If the accident was as a result of someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to commence a lawsuit for personal injury.


Unfortunately, ATV accidents are on the rise in Canada.  According to Statistics Canada, there are 100 deaths each year due to all-terrain vehicles, 45% percent are due to a “rollover or flip”.[1]  Speed, not wearing a helmet and impairment due to drugs and/or alcohol are the primary contributing factors.


ATV’s are fun, there is no doubt about it!  It’s important to note however that these mega machines can cause injury or death which is not what you want.  Be safe.