Toronto Dog Bite Lawyer

Dogs are considered “man’s best friend,” and when properly trained are indeed wonderful companions and pets. Unfortunately, some dog owners are irresponsible or abusive, and their animals are not properly trained. These dogs can be dangerous. Regardless of breed or size, in the wrong hands, a dog can become vicious and attack another pet or a human.


Who is Legally Responsible for a Dog Bite?

In Ontario, the law for dog bites is set out in the Dog Owners’ Liability Act, which establishes that dog bites are a “strict liability offence.” In other words, if you have been attacked or bitten by a dog, its owner is liable for any damage, regardless of whether they acted responsibly. This means you do not need to prove that the owner did anything wrong, or that they knew the dog was dangerous, but only that they owned the dog in question.

The owners’ responsibility extends to both humans and other pets that have been injured by their dogs. As a result, if a dog attacks your pet at the dog park, you can pursue their owner for your veterinary bills and other expenses.

What are your Options for Compensation after a Dog Bite or Attack?

The injuries after a dog bite or attack can be extremely serious and have long-lasting consequences, including scarring and ongoing emotional responses such as anxiety and fear. One of the experienced personal injury lawyers from Jasmine Daya & Co. in Toronto can help you recover potential compensation for medical expenses, cosmetic treatments, or therapy, that is required after a dog bite.

Many dog owners have an insurance policy which will respond to a dog bite claim. Our Toronto dog bite lawyers have successfully brought claims against dog owners for bites and attacks of varying severity. We have extensive experience dealing with insurance disputes and will be dedicated to getting you full and fair compensation for your injuries and expenses.

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