What to Do if Your Child Contracted the Coronavirus at Daycare

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  • As of publication, licensed Toronto daycare centres and after-school programs were ordered to be closed from March 14, 2020 through April 5, 2020, with the potential for closures to continue even longer due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) becoming a serious concern both throughout Canada and around the globe.

    When the Coronavirus first took the world by storm, it looked as though younger adults, children, and infants, were not going to suffer serious illness. But in recent days, it has become clear that no one is immune to its impact. Children and even infants have succumbed to the coronavirus and it is probable that there will be more diagnoses as time goes on.

    Daycare centres do not have the capability of practicing social distancing, and before they closed, it’s possible the virus could have spread. If your child contracted the coronavirus at daycare, you may be able to take legal action through a personal injury lawsuit. Continue reading to learn more about what we know about COVID-19 and what options may be available to you. 

    What We Know About COVID-19

    COVID-19 is a new health concern for humans, so the world is still learning about how it works, how it spreads, and its impact on the human body. But there are some things we do know.

    People who have the coronavirus may not show symptoms for between two and fourteen days of contracting the disease. This is why social distancing and self-isolation is the best way to get the spread of the disease under control. Those who continue to go on with their day-to-day lives may continue to spread the coronavirus to others despite being asymptomatic themselves. 

    Symptoms of coronavirus in children include:

    • Shortness of breath
    • Diarrhea
    • Chills
    • Fever
    • Vomiting
    • Sore throat
    • Dry cough

    There is currently no known cure or vaccine for the coronavirus, but scientists around the world are working to develop both in the hopes of taking down this disease. 

    Legal Options If Your Child Gets Coronavirus from Daycare

    There are still a lot of unknowns when it comes to the coronavirus. Daycare centres were ordered to close, but this only applies to licensed centres. If your child’s daycare remained open, as it is unlicensed, you may have a case against the owner of the daycare centre if your child contracts this disease. 

    All nonessential businesses may have closed for the time being, but essential workers with children are still able to place their kids in emergency daycare centres so they can continue to work. There is no precedent for what happens when your child contracts the coronavirus at daycare, but if daycare centre leaders and owners failed to take proper precautions, you may have the right to pursue legal action. 

    Contact a Toronto Child Injury Lawyer

    If your child was diagnosed with coronavirus and they contracted it at their daycare centre, you may be able to seek full compensation for their suffering. Get in touch with a qualified Toronto child injury lawyer at Jasmine Daya & Co. to learn more. 

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