Unexplained Falls & Burns


Elderly people with mobility and health issues often rely on personal care workers and nurses to assist them with daily tasks and medical necessities. Although the majority of these individuals are dedicated, hard-working professionals, some of the people we hire are negligent or, at worst, abusive, towards the elderly people they are meant to care for.

Unexplained falls, burns or other injuries can be a sign of elder abuse or neglect. Much of the time, victims of elder abuse or negligence feel isolated and helpless, and for various reasons may be unable to ask for help directly. It is up to their loved ones to take note of potential signs of abuse and neglect, and ensure that appropriate action is taken.

What Should you Look for if you Suspect Elder Abuse or Negligence?


Neglect can result in a fall, as victims attempt to care for themselves but are often unable to do so safely. Falls are particularly dangerous for an elderly individual, with many resulting in serious injuries like broken bones or head and neck injuries.

Unexplained burns, cuts and other “minor” injuries

Unexplained burns, cuts and other “minor” injuries can be a sign of elder abuse. While a single instance of such an injury is probably nothing serious, any pattern of seemingly small incidents could be a sign of ongoing neglect. Even if your loved one denies any abuse, they may feel unable to speak out for fear of reprisal.

Infections or bedsores

Infections or bedsores that do not improve or recur frequently are another common sign of elder neglect, indicating that your loved one may not be receiving caregiver attention as often as they need.

Other things to watch for include emotional and behavioural changes like depression or increased fearfulness, which could be signs of hidden abuse.

Legal Advice for Victims of Elder Abuse and their Loved Ones

If you suspect that your loved one is being abused or neglected at their nursing home or care facility, you need a personal injury lawyer with experience acting on behalf of the elderly against these types of institutions.

Jasmine Daya & Co. has spent many years providing legal support and representation to personal injury victims, including the victims of care home abuse. We are known as dedicated and committed advocates, and we will put forward the best possible case on behalf of you and your loved ones. We have a track record of successful claims, and have won millions in compensation for our clients.

Free Consultations for Elder Abuse Victims

If you have questions, or are concerned about the situation at your loved one’s care home or nursing home, our elder abuse lawyers can help you decide how to proceed. We offer a “No Win, No Fee” pay structure and free consultations to discuss your situation and offer simple advice about your legal options. To make an appointment, contact our office online or call 416-967-9100.