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Social host liability is the theory that the host of a party on private property, where alcohol is served, could be liable for injuries caused or suffered by a guest who leaves the part intoxicated. For example, if a host provided an already intoxicated guest with alcohol when they knew the guest intended to drive home, they may be responsible if the guest is involved in a car accident or motorcycle accident.

Impaired driving, as a result of being overserved at a private party, can result in serious injury including paralysis, head injuries, and even death, but that is not the only risk. Social hosts should not knowingly allow guests to drive drunk, nor should they encourage or knowingly permit any other dangerous or reckless behaviour. For example, this could include preventing overly intoxicated guests from using a swimming pool or piloting a boat.

Unlike a commercial host, a social host does not profit from the sale of alcohol, nor do they have anything other than a personal relationship with their guests; they are not a business or an employer.

Get Legal Advice about Social Host Liability

Most people do not think about legal implications when they host a party or informal gathering at their home involving alcohol. If you have been injured at a private party, or if you were involved in an accident with someone that had attended a private party, you may have options to obtain compensation for your injuries.

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