Toronto Boating Accident Lawyer


Toronto Boating Accident Lawyer

Ontario’s short summers often mean high traffic on the water – it’s difficult to resist when the water beckons. But high traffic also means an increased risk of boating accidents and personal injuries.

Just like driving, there are rules and regulations for boating. These laws set speed limits, establish right of way and signalling practices, and require boats to be licensed and registered to be legally piloted on the water. Anyone operating a power-driven boat in Ontario must pass a provincially regulated exam, and obtain a Pleasure Craft Operator Card.

Most importantly, there is a standard of care expected of anyone operating a boat, to ensure that they do not unreasonably place anyone in danger.

How are Boating Accidents Different than Motor Vehicle Accidents?

Unlike driving, accidents that happen on the water do not have the benefit of “no-fault” accident coverage. While individuals who are injured in car accidents are usually able to access Accident Benefits regardless of whether they were at fault for the accident, this is not the case for boating accidents. It can be more complicated to pursue compensation, and the process can potentially take a lot longer to resolve.

Boating accidents are governed by the Marine Liability Act. This act has a distinct set of rules that set out how and when you must bring a claim for damages following an accident. The Marine Liability Actalso limits the total personal injury damages in certain situations.

Because boating accidents involve legal issues from both marine and standard motor vehicle law, it is important to engage a Toronto boating accident lawyer with the right experience to handle your case. Our expert team has decades of experience handling these types of claims, and will be committed to ensuring you are fairly compensated.

Our Experience is Your Advantage

The boating accident lawyers at Jasmine Daya & Co. know the ins-and-outs of the Marine Liability Actand the laws surrounding boating accidents in Ontario. Our litigators are committed to representing your best interests all the way to trial, so you get the settlement you deserve. We have decades of cumulative litigation experience to give you an advantage in your claim.

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