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  • My last blog post about the increasing number of cyclist related accidents in the City ended with a comment that the City of Toronto had not done much in the way of implementing their “Vision Zero” Road Safety Plan whose goal is to reduce serious injury and fatal traffic accidents in the City.  This statement remains true, however, I was recently struck by a new Vision Zero campaign which began on October 30 and will run until mid-December that I believe is worth checking out.

    This campaign, called #ArtOfDistraction features 9 art installations at five transit locations.  The installations showcase items (real and recreated) taken from serious and often fatal collisions in Toronto.

    In my line of work, we often say that it’s important to put a face to a name to personalize our clients for the insurance companies.  What struck me about this campaign was how in displaying these everyday objects from crash sites – backpack full of kids items, helmet, running shoes or wedding band, can have just as strong of an impact.  It reminds us that at any moment, walking or cycling to work or school carrying those exact same items that could be us and is a powerful message about the serious consequences of distracted driving.

    Check out the campaign either in person or on the City of Toronto’s website.

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