Proposed Ontario Legislation Toughens Penalties for Distracted Driving


The Ontario government plans to introduce legislation that will increase the penalties for careless and distracted driving, as well as introducing a new offence when careless driving leads to serious injury or death.

What is distracted driving?

While many people immediately think about texting and driving, in Ontario, “distracted driving” is a very broad term which encompasses any activity that takes your attention away from the road. This includes looking at your phone, as well as eating, checking your makeup, or using an in-dash GPS unit. Drivers can be convicted of distracted driving even if their vehicle is stationary, such as at a red light, and regardless of whether their actions cause an accident. Drivers convicted of distracted driving must pay a fine, as well as receiving demerit points.

Careless driving is any action behind the wheel that endangers another person. The penalties for careless driving are more severe, and include jail time and long-term suspension of your license.

Higher penalties proposed for all distracted driving offences

These new laws will create Canada’s toughest regime to punish distracted drivers. The potential penalties for both distracted driving and careless driving will be increased, with higher fines and more demerit points. Repeat distracted driving offenders will face higher fines with each conviction.

If an individual is convicted of careless driving causing bodily harm, or death, the maximum penalty includes six demerit points, a five-year license suspension, a fine of up to $50,000, and up to two years in jail.

Personal injury experts advising victims of distracted driving

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