My Experience as a Summer Student

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  • Working at Jasmine Daya & Co. has presented many opportunities for exposure to the foundational components of building and successfully litigating a personal injury case. From the initial client meeting to achieving a successful settlement, I’ve learned about the steps required to present the strongest, most compelling case possible.

    I’ve had opportunities to draft research memos, outline cases, assess approximate damages, and review and summarize police files. These have all been valuable exercises that have augmented my law school experience.

    But I’ve also had opportunities for more practical, hands-on learning experiences.

    In the last couple of months, I’ve learned so much from attending mediations and pre-trials both extremely valuable opportunities in the experiential education of a law student. At mediations I’ve seen Jasmine act as a fierce advocate for her clients, fighting tooth and nail to ensure her clients receive the greatest settlement possible. At pre-trials I learned the importance of being “overprepared” and witnessed expert litigators put on a masterclass in oral advocacy.

    Law school is an incredibly valuable experience that establishes and ingrains critical skills such as time-management, problem solving, research and oral and written communication. However there are very few opportunities to witness and experience the law being practiced first-hand. This summer I was so fortunate to gain first-hand experience from some of the top personal injury lawyers in the city!