Motorcycles Cause of 10% of Vehicle Accident Deaths

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  • A recent study from Sunnybrook hospital has concluded that one in ten vehicle accident deaths in Ontario are caused by motorcycles, despite them making up only 2% of vehicles on the road.

    Motorcycles cause a disproportionate number of vehicle accident deaths and injuries

    There has been a significant decline in total number of deaths and serious injuries arising from motor vehicle accidents in the past ten years, largely attributable to improvements in car safety technology. However, the numbers of injuries caused by motorcycle accidents has remained largely consistent over the same period.

    Accidents involving motorcycles, mopeds and electric bicycles cause 10% of the total deaths, and almost 10% of the total injuries arising from vehicle accidents in Ontario. These findings are so significant because only one in fifty vehicles on the road in the province is a motorcycle, and they are only driven one fifth as much as the average car. This leaves motorcycles responsible for ten times as many injuries, and five times as many deaths, in total, compared to cars.

    Motorcycle accident injuries are more severe

    In addition to being more likely to suffer an injury on a motorcycle, those injuries are also more serious, on average, than those caused by a car accident. Motorcycle accident victims are more likely to be admitted to hospital, and also more likely to require intensive care.  On average, a motorcycle accident victims cost the health care system six times as much as a car accident victim. The study’s authors believe that they likely underestimated the long-term costs associated with motorcycle accident injuries, as many of these costs are borne outside of the health care system through private insurance and other means.

    Legal advice following a motorcycle accident or vehicle accident injury

    If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may require serious medical care and lengthy rehabilitation, which can be extremely expensive. If you are unable to work, the financial burdens can be extensive. At Jasmine Daya & Co., we help the victims of motorcycle accidents recover compensation for their injuries, and have decades of experience litigating on their behalf.

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