First Blood Test for Concussion Gets FDA Approval in United States

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  • A US company has been given approval to develop a commercial blood test that can identify certain indicators of visible brain trauma following a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) or concussion. This is seen by some as the first step in developing an accurate blood test that can detect concussion and other brain injuries.

    Marketing approval granted for a device that assists in testing for concussion

    This February, the FDA granted permission for Banyan Biomarkers to develop and market a commercial blood test that evaluates mild traumatic brain injury, or concussion.

    Currently, suspected concussions are assessed using a 15-point “Glasgow Coma Score” scale. Patients with symptoms will then be given a CT scan to identify any bleeding, intracranial lesions or trauma that may require further treatment. However, in most cases of mild TBI, these scans reveal no visible brain damage whatsoever.

    The Banyan Brain Trauma Indicator (BTI) can measure the levels of two “biomarkers” that are released in to the blood within twelve hours of a brain injury. These biomarkers occur in cases of concussion where patients have suffered visible damage to their brains. In testing, the BTI predicted the presence of visible brain trauma in 97.5% of patients. Where no biomarkers were found by the BTI, 99.6% of the individuals tested had no visible damage.

    New technologies can improve diagnosis and treatment for traumatic brain injury

    By using an inexpensive and easily administered blood test to detect the presence of visible brain damage, the Banyan BTI will help doctors prioritize cases with intracranial trauma, while avoiding unnecessary CT scans in patients lacking the necessary biomarkers. This not only prevents unnecessary exposure to radiation, but also saves money for the health care system and reduces the demand for limited equipment.

    This new device may be also be the first step in development of a technology that can accurately determine whether an individual has suffered a mild TBI or concussion within a short time frame.

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