Claiming Caregiver Benefits After a Car Accident

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  • In recent posts, we reviewed Ontario’s no-fault accident benefits insurance for automobile accidents, and the availability of income replacement benefits to accident victims. If you were providing care to a child, or dependent adult, at the time that you were injured, you may be eligible for caregiver benefits to compensate for the cost of hiring replacement services.

    Who can make a claim for caregiver benefits?

    Under all accident benefits policies, caregiver benefits are available to catastrophically injured victims that were the primary caregiver for a child or disabled adult living in the same household, and not receiving any income for those activities. Additional insurance can be purchased to supplement the standard policy, and provide caregiver benefits to seriously injured victims who are not deemed catastrophic.

    As with income replacement benefits, claimants must submit medical evidence in support of their injuries and the extent of their impairment, signed by a doctor.

    What do caregiver benefits cover?

    If they are substantially unable to perform their caregiving duties, they can claim reimbursement for caregiving expenses of up to $250 per week for the first dependant, and $50 for each additional dependent.

    These benefits are payable for up to 104 weeks, as long as you remain substantially unable to engage in caregiver activities. After two years, the payments will only continue if your injuries render you completely unable to carry on a normal life.

    Toronto accident benefits lawyers for caregiver benefits claims

    The personal injury lawyers at Jasmine Daya & Co. have decades of experience assisting accident victims with claims for benefits. If you are a caregiver and have been seriously injured, we understand that the cost of caring for dependents can be significant. For advice about the availability of caregiver benefits after a motor vehicle accident, contact us online, or by calling our office at 416-967-9100. We offer free consultations to new clients.