Avoiding Motorcycle Collisions this Summer

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  • May has been Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, encouraging both riders and other drivers to think about riding safely and avoiding motorcycle collisions. The truth is, in the majority of multi-vehicle collisions with a motorcycle, the other vehicle is at fault.

    Why motorcyclists are at a higher risk for accidents

    On two wheels, motorcycles are inherently less stable than a four-wheeled vehicle, especially if they need to make a sudden stop or swerve to avoid an emergency situation. Bikes are also more susceptible to lose control in poor conditions, such as road debris, gravel, potholes and rainy weather. If a rider brakes suddenly and their front wheel locks, they may be thrown from their bike.

    Motorbikes are smaller than other road users, making them appear further away. Riders are therefore more likely to disappear in another driver’s blind spot. Many accidents occur because another driver simply “didn’t see” a motorcycle approaching as they were making a turn or lane change.

    Motorcycles can appear to accelerate and slow down very suddenly compared to cars. If a rider downshifts to reduce their speed, a driver following behind them may not see brake lights, and fail to stop their car in time.

    Some tips for riders and other drivers to avoid motorcycle collisions

    Practicing additional caution can go a long way in preventing collisions with motorcycles. Riders should ensure their vehicle and safety equipment are in good working order. They should wear an approved helmet at all times, as well as high visibility protective clothing. Reviewing

    Drivers should always give motorcycles a good amount of space to manoeuver, especially when passing. Scan intersections carefully for approaching bikes, bearing in mind that they may be closer than they appear. Look twice when checking blind spots, changing lanes and making turns, and always use turn signals.

    When opening the driver’s side door, practice the “dutch reach” and open the door with your right hand. This forces you to look back over your shoulder and check for riders and cyclists, preventing dangerous “dooring” collisions.

    Experienced legal advice for victims of motorcycle accidents

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