A Mid-Life Pivot

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  • My first year of law school taught me many things. I learned foundational concepts in the five core areas of first-year law: constitutional, property, tort, criminal and contract law. I learned how to conduct effective legal research, advocate persuasively and work at maximum efficiency.

    But perhaps most notably, I learned that returning to school as a mature student is sure to generate curiosity and attention from classmates and administrators alike.

    My decision to enroll in law school wasnโ€™t a difficult one to make. The journey to get there, however, was a bit more of a challenge.

    When I was 13, doctors discovered a brain tumour. I was extremely fortunate as the tumour was removed without too much difficulty. However, years later as an adult, I experienced complications and suddenly, these challenges proved to be an insurmountable barrier to attending law school.

    In spite of the complications, I received my bachelorโ€™s and masterโ€™s degrees and developed a passion for journalism. I subsequently pursued a rewarding career as a journalist and won several awards for my work, later transitioning into public relations.

    Five years ago my life changed dramatically. I underwent a second surgery โ€“ a neurosurgical procedure that enabled me to pursue what had been a life-long dream.

    This summer, having completed my first year of law school, I have the opportunity to work at Jasmine Daya & Co. where Iโ€™m able to help injured clients and support the firmโ€™s first-class litigators as they fight to secure maximum damages in their clientsโ€™ cases. As someone who has suffered serious injury and encountered challenges as a result of my injury, I can relate to the plight that many of the firmโ€™s clients face. I believe this personal experience has made me a more passionate and enthusiastic advocate.

    Working in one of the cityโ€™s most prominent personal injury law firms this summer has provided countless opportunities and valuable exposure to the fundamentals of personal injury law as well as the daily lives of first-rate litigators.

    Jasmine Daya & Co. has been a great place to work, and having had the opportunity to see the firmโ€™s lawyers in action, itโ€™s an exceptional firm to have fighting in your corner.