Toronto Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer


Most children love to go to the pool, and some of their friends may even have swimming pools at home, but swimming is an activity that brings certain risks. Running children can easily slip and fall on a pool deck, or trip on poorly maintained steps or tiles. In the worst-case scenario, swimming pool accidents can result in serious, permanent personal injury or death.

Regardless of the cause, if your child has been injured at a pool, whether at the community centre or on someone else’s property, it can be devastating. Along with the emotional impact of your child being injured, there are the costs of medical treatment and care that may start to add up.

Swimming Pool Accidents on Private Property

In Ontario, the Occupier’s Liability Act establishes that any owner of a swimming pool has a legal obligation to keep the pool and surrounding areas reasonably safe. This includes ensuring that there is adequate supervision of swimmers at all times. Some of the common safety failures that can result in swimming pool accidents are:

  • Insufficient supervision for the number of swimmers
  • Lack of safety equipment
  • No fence or gate around a swimming pool
  • Damaged or dangerous diving boards or slides
  • Poorly maintained steps and hand-holds

If you feel that your child’s pool accident was the result of negligence on the part of the property owner, Jasmine Daya & Co. can help. Our skilled personal injury lawyers specialize in claims on behalf of injured children and can help you get compensation for things like medical expenses and future treatment costs.

Accidents that Happen at Public or Community Swimming Pools

Like private pools, municipal and other public swimming pools must be kept reasonably safe for all swimmers. If there is a failure to keep the area safe, or some other negligence that leads to an accident, a claim can be brought against the municipality or another relevant government body.

Lawsuits against cities and government are complicated and are governed by unique regulations that set strict deadlines for giving notice of a claim. Retaining a personal injury lawyer that has already handled claims against municipalities and other government entities can ensure you do not miss the opportunity to bring a claim.

Dedicated Representation for Swimming Pool Accident Victims

Most property owners have insurance policies that will respond to these claims. With representation from Jasmine Daya & Co., you will have an advantage against the insurance companies. We offer a “No Win, No Fee” pay structure, and free consultations to answer your questions and explain your legal options. If your child has been in a swimming pool accident, contact us online or call 416-967-9100.