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Organized sports are an important part of life for many children. Participation in sports promotes good health, builds social skills and relationships, and is usually a lot of fun! Unfortunately, playing sports can also be very dangerous for a child, and bring with them an inherent risk of accidental injury.

If your child has been seriously injured whether at school on the playground or during a community league game, it can turn your world upside down. Seeing your child in pain is a parent’s worst nightmare, and can trigger a slew of emotions. You may feel guilty or angry about what happened. If your child needs medical treatment or ongoing therapy, you may also be worried about the financial cost, and how long treatment will continue.

Bringing Legal Claims for Sports Injuries

Many of the injuries that children sustain playing sports are minor – bruises, scrapes and sprains are expected to happen once in a while. But occasionally, children can sustain serious injuries playing sports, from broken bones to concussion to paralysis. Even if you have insurance, the costs of treatment and ongoing care after these types of injuries can be overwhelming for most families, especially if a parent needs to take time off work or hire someone to provide comparable full-time care. You may wonder whether you have any options for legal action on their behalf.

Lawsuits for sports injuries can be complicated, and are sometimes difficult to win due to “the assumption of risk.” This doctrine states that when a child plays sports, their parent has accepted the inherent risks of the activity, up to and including serious injury. You probably had to sign a waiver to this effect. These factors must be countered with evidence that the injury occurred due to negligence, and could have been reasonably prevented.

A Toronto sport injury lawyer with experience handling sports injury claims on behalf of children can be your advantage.  Jasmine Daya & Co. has spent decades litigating these types of cases. Our personal injury lawyers have the expertise to identify all of the potentially negligent parties, and build a successful case. We hire dedicated experts that specialize in injuries to children, and will ensure that all possible future medical treatment and expenses are included in your compensation claim.

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