Toronto Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer


The people living in nursing homes and care homes are especially in danger of becoming the victims of elder abuse and neglect. Often, the residents of nursing and care homes have physical disabilities or medical conditions that make them reliant on nurses and staff members to provide day-to-day care.

When the standard of care at these facilities drops below acceptable levels, residents are at risk of suffering serious injury as a result. It is not always easy to notice the signs of abuse or neglect, but your loved ones rely on you to ensure that they receive proper professional care. If you suspect that a nursing or care facility is not upholding the highest standards of care for your parent or relative, consider contacting the Toronto nursing home negligence lawyers at Jasmine Daya & Co. in Toronto, who have years of experience acting on behalf of elderly claimants.

Common Signs of Abuse and Neglect in Nursing Homes

Communication is essential to identifying situations of nursing home negligence. If you can, speak to your loved one about abuse and neglect, and listen to their concerns. Some things to look out for if you suspect a case of nursing home abuse include:

  • Bedsores and other untreated cuts, bruises or “minor” injuries
  • Damage to clothing and personal items
  • Weight loss, malnutrition (hair loss, anemia and other vitamin deficiency)
  • Poor personal hygiene or unsanitary living conditions
  • Lack of proper heating and cooling and other basic necessities
  • Sudden or unexplained changes to medication or routine
  • Emotional distress or behavioural changes

Legal Assistance for your Loved One if they are being Abused

We have successfully handled claims against institutions including nursing homes and personal care workers, and obtained millions in compensation for our clients. We understand the needs of elderly clients, and know that these types of cases can be emotionally difficult. We will support and assist you throughout the process, and let you get back to focusing on your family and recovery.

Our skilled Toronto nursing home negligence lawyers offer free consultations to review your potential nursing home negligence claim. We will review your legal options and discuss how you can proceed. To make an appointment today, contact us online or call 416-967-9100.