Toronto Long-Term Disability Lawyer


Becoming injured or ill shouldn’t ruin your life. You took steps to protect yourself, and now your policyholder is letting you down. Do something about it by reaching out to a respected long-term disability lawyer in Toronto.

Long-term disability benefits are supposed to provide you with the financial protection you need if you suddenly become disabled. Unfortunately, insurance companies are often only focused on their needs, and paying you disability benefits over a significant period of time certainly isn’t in their best interests financially. But that doesn’t mean you have to let them get away with taking advantage of you like this.

Get access to the benefits that are rightfully yours by contacting an experienced Toronto long-term disability lawyer at Jasmine Daya & Co. If we are able to take on your Toronto case, you can be sure that our team of highly trained lawyers will do everything in our power to get your long-term disability claim approved so you can ease the financial strain that your medical condition has put on your life.

Who Qualifies for Long-Term Disability in Toronto?

Anyone can purchase a long-term disability insurance policy in Toronto. In most cases, full-time employees are able to take out long-term disability insurance policies through their employers, while part-time employees may or may not be entitled to such an opportunity, depending on their employer. However, anyone can apply to purchase a long-term disability (LTD) insurance policy for themselves in Toronto.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be approved. The insurance company isn’t always actually looking out for you; they may be looking out for their pockets. While the goal is to sell LTD policies, it is not uncommon for applicants to be denied based on their medical history. If an insurer suspects that they will have to pay out on your claim in the future, chances are they will deny your application.

What to Do if Your Toronto LTD Claim Is Denied

It is not uncommon for deserving claimants to be denied the long-term disability benefits that they are entitled to. After you’ve faithfully paid your insurance premiums, at a time when you need it most, the insurance company further takes advantage of you by delaying or denying you the benefits that are rightfully yours.

Fortunately, you do have options. You can get help obtaining your benefits with the assistance of a respected long-term disability lawyer in Toronto. Whether the insurer is trying to minimize the amount of benefits you deserve or has denied your claim in bad faith, we’ll do everything possible to secure the approval you need so you can recuperate instead of worrying about what’s going to happen next.

Get Help from a Long-Term Disability Lawyer in Toronto

Going up against a large insurance company can seem overwhelming, but with a qualified Toronto long-term disability lawyer at  Jasmine Daya & Co. by your side, you can rest easier knowing our team is fighting for what you deserve. You can give our office a call at 416-967-9100 or complete the brief contact form included at the bottom of this page to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.