Toronto Elder Abuse Lawyer


Toronto Elder Abuse Lawyer

Elderly members of our community are often extremely vulnerable to personal injury as the result of negligence or abuse. Due to health or mobility difficulties, older adults often rely on caregivers to assist them with their day-to-day activities. We rely on the nurses, personal care providers, and elderly living communities to provide quality care that meets the needs of our older loved ones. Unfortunately, there are cases of abuse and negligence that can result in emotional distress, pain and discomfort.

Often, the victims of elder abuse and negligence cannot speak out on their own. They rely on loved ones to ensure they are receiving proper care. If you suspect that your loved one is the victim of abuse, you may consider contacting a Toronto elder abuse lawyer with experience acting on behalf of the elderly.

Common forms of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse can be subtle or overt, and be caused by actions that are intended to cause harm or neglectful and irresponsible behaviour. There is no single situation that exemplifies elder abuse, but it includes any act that causes harm to the emotional, physical or financial welfare of an elderly person.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse encompasses any physical act that uses excessive force or causes harm, including striking and pushing, wilful misuse of medication to sedate or otherwise control a person, and overuse of restraints. Signs of physical elder abuse include unexplained falls, burns or scratches, broken bones, soft tissue injuries, and damage to their personal belongings.

Sexual Abuse

Evidence of sexual abuse may include torn or damaged clothing, injury to the genitals or breast area, otherwise unexplained sexually transmitted infections, and emotional distress. Sexual abuse often involves coercion or manipulation by a caregiver.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse can occur through humiliation, threats, or controlling behaviour, and any action intended to cause psychological distress. Sudden changes in behaviour can be a sign of emotional abuse, as well as the onset of cognitive issues, depression, anxiety or restlessness.


Neglect involves ignoring the medical, physical and emotional needs of a person, and can often be the first sign of escalating elder abuse. Signs of neglect can include emotional distress and personality changes, weight loss or malnutrition, small injuries like bruises and minor infections, and unsanitary or unsafe living conditions.

Financial Abuse

Financial abuse includes stealing or misappropriating property, bank account and credit card information, often through manipulation or trickery. You may notice changes in financial transactions, missing valuables, making changes to wills or powers of attorney, and any other unnecessary expenses or purchases.

Legal Advice for Victims of Elder Abuse and their Loved Ones

Jasmine Daya & Co. provides legal support and representation to the victims of elder abuse and neglect. We have decades of experience handling successful claims against nursing homes and personal care workers for their negligent actions. Our lawyers understand the needs of elderly clients and can support your family as you focus on recovery.

Our Toronto elder abuse lawyers are known for their tenacity; we will fight for full compensation on your behalf, even if that means taking a case to trial. Counsel at Jasmine Daya & Co. have decades of cumulative experience in the courtroom, and will not back down until you receive full and fair compensation. Let our experience give you an advantage in your claim.

Free Consultations for Elder Abuse Victims

Our knowledgeable lawyers offer free consultations for all new clients and a “No Win, No Fee” pay structure. We will sit down and listen to your story, and offer straightforward advice about your legal options. Contact our office online or call 416-967-9100 to make an appointment.