Richmond Hill Car Accident Lawyer


Richmond Hill Car Accident Lawyer

The trauma of a car accident can impact your life in many ways. Get help moving forward by reaching out to a reputable car accident lawyer in Richmond Hill.

In the aftermath of your car accident, you probably are feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what your next steps should be. Do you call the insurance company? Who is responsible for causing the accident? How are you going to cover all of these unexpected expenses? We understand how confusing the days and weeks after a car accident can be, which is why our firm makes sure we are available to help.

At Jasmine Daya & Co., we are prepared to not only answer your questions but provide you with the resources and legal representation you need to get justice for your accident. If we take on your case, your Richmond Hill car accident lawyer will work tirelessly to maximize the amount of compensation you are awarded through the insurance company and, if needed, in court.

What to Expect from the Insurance Company after a Car Accident

Car insurance companies would like you to believe that they are on your side if you are ever involved in an accident, but sometimes, nothing could be further from the truth. It is important that you know how many insurers actually operate so that you can avoid being taken advantage of in your time of need.

Insurance companies are for-profit, and paying out an injury settlement for your car accident is going to cost them. As you can imagine, they are often going to be doing everything in their power to avoid this, as it is not in their financial interests to lose money.

Some insurance adjusters have a number of different tactics they use to accomplish this goal, but the most common include requesting a statement and making low offers quickly.

If you give them a statement, they can manipulate and twist your words to make you seem responsible for the accident, which could then lower the amount they are obligated to pay you.

By making you a fast offer, the insurer is likely trying to tempt you into accepting far less than you might otherwise deserve because they know you need money now. Have your Richmond Hill lawyer handle the insurer for you so you can avoid these unscrupulous tactics.

Liability in Richmond Hill Car Accidents

Car accidents in Richmond Hill can be caused by a number of different things, but some of the more common at-fault parties include:

Your lawyer will thoroughly investigate the accident you were involved in so they can determine who should be ordered to compensate you for your suffering and financial losses.

Contact a Qualified Car Accident Lawyer in Richmond Hill

When you are ready to get started on your car accident claim, meet with a seasoned Richmond Hill car accident lawyer at Jasmine Daya & Co. so we can learn more about the details of your case. You can give our office a call at 416-967-9100 or complete the convenient contact form provided below to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.