Markham Car Accident Lawyer


Markham Car Accident Lawyer

Have you been seriously injured in a car accident? Are you unsure of what your next steps should be? If so, get help from an experienced car accident lawyer in Markham for assistance in dealing with the legalities of your claim.

Immediately following a car accident, you may be feeling intimidated at what’s to come. Between negotiating with the insurance company and potentially having to go to court, the stress of the situation can further traumatize you. You don’t have to let being overwhelmed hold you back, though. Take back control of your life by contacting a qualified Markham car accident lawyer to handle your case.

Our team of highly trained car accident lawyers in Markham is fully prepared to take on your case. At Jasmine Daya & Co., we are passionate about helping individuals who have suffered serious injuries rebuild their lives. We’ll figure out who is to blame for your accident and handle the insurance negotiations on your behalf so you can spend your time recuperating from your injuries.

What to Expect in Dealing with the Insurance Company after a Car Accident

Having to file an insurance claim is a necessary part of the car accident process in Markham and across Ontario. Ontario is a no-fault insurance province, so you will be filing a claim with your own insurance company to obtain a settlement. However, just because you are working with your own insurer doesn’t mean you are less likely to be taken advantage of.

Sure, you might have faithfully paid your premiums and never filed a claim before, but the fact is that the insurance company is losing money by settling your claim, so they are likely going to do everything they can to minimize this loss. Be prepared for the insurance adjuster to ask you for a statement (don’t give them one) and maybe even be quick to make you an offer (don’t accept it).

Though it may seem harmless to give a statement, the insurance adjuster could use your words against you; and any time you are made an offer quickly, it is generally because the insurer knows your claim is worth more. Better to have your lawyer handle any and all communications with the insurance company so that you can avoid settling for less than you actually deserve.

Fault in Markham Car Accidents

Insurance doesn’t cover everything, and even though you’ll be filing a claim with your own auto insurance provider, you still need to know who is to blame for the accident so you can get the most out of your claim. Some of the most common liable parties in Markham car accidents include:

Depending on who is responsible for causing your car accident in Markham, you may be able to go to court by filing a civil claim against the liable party if or when the insurance payout offer doesn’t fully meet your needs.

Get in Touch with a Car Accident Lawyer in Markham

You can learn more about the ways a reputable Markham car accident lawyer at Jasmine Daya & Co. could assist you in seeking maximum compensation for your suffering by scheduling a free claim review. This can be done by giving our office a call at 416-967-9100 or completing the brief contact form we have included below.