Daycare Liability for Accidents and Injuries


Daycare Liability for Accidents and Injuries

The last thing any parent expects is for their child to suffer serious injuries while at daycare. Unfortunately, daycare-related injuries happen all the time. And we aren’t just talking about actual accidents.

Negligence on the part of these daycare providers often results in devastating injuries to children, and when your child is injured due to the misconduct or irresponsible actions of their daycare provider, you can hold the at-fault party accountable through a Toronto personal injury lawsuit.

Below, we go into further detail about what some of the most common types of injuries and accidents are in daycares across Ontario and whom can be sued for these injuries when they occur.

Injuries Seen in Daycare Accidents

Accidents and incidents happen at daycares across Canada every day. Some of the most common types of accidents and incidents where children are injured include:

  • Bicycle accidents
  • Suffocation
  • Falling
  • Trampoline accidents
  • Poisoning
  • Swimming pool incidents (i.e. drowning)
  • Being left in a hot car
  • Choking

When accidents of this nature occur, the following injuries are not uncommon:

  • Back and spine injuries
  • Bone breaks and fractures
  • Traumatic brain damage
  • Heat stroke
  • Death

Who Is Responsible for Daycare Injuries in Toronto?

Finding the party responsible for your child’s injuries is determined on who was supposed to be caring for your child.

For example, if your child was left in a hot car and suffered heat stroke, the driver of the vehicle, the daycare provider, and the daycare itself could all be culpable. Your lawyer must carefully examine the details of the case to ascertain who is liable for your child’s suffering.

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